Hi there,

I love photos. They tell our stories, they fill in the blanks, they transport us to other times or places. 

I remember so many times as a kid, pulling out the family photo albums to see my siblings covered in paint or myself as a 6 month old sitting on my grandmother's knee. But my parents aren't in many of them, they were always taking the photos so the few that I have are the most precious. 

Life is beautiful, and so much of it is found in the everyday - the dimple in his cheeks when I tickle him, her 'concentration face' when she is drawing, dad's big arm draped around his little shoulder, the chubby baby fingers, the way she looks at him, the feeling of sand, the taste of strawberries.

I would love to capture these moments in your life so they're never forgotten and so you can share these memories with your people, now and in years to come.

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“oh Hannah! Our photos are amazing, thankyou for capturing such beautiful photos at this special time in our family”