Flashback Friday

Im sure you have all been there, when you are meant to be cleaning out a cupboard and come across a slip-in photo album from many moons ago? it takes you back and you stop and look and enjoy…its the best.
As I was doing some of those admin tasks that I so often put off due to them being a drag, and me not being great at doing them, I have been scrolling through my archives, occasionally I get side-tracked looking through old photos of the digital variety; perhaps not the same feeling as you turn the dusty pages but there is that same fondness, the flooding of memories and that unavoidable smile that slowly relaxes every muscle in your face.

These photos were taken a few days (or hours?) after Silas, my eldest sisters’ third child, was born. They aren’t all technically perfect but I love them. oh and I love the photos too (wink)

This portrait of Ruby hangs in our entry, occasionally I stare into her eyes as she stares back into mine as I remember some of the funny things she said that day.

…and I smile that smile…

ps…how gorgeous is my sister??!! I can assure you I didn’t look that amazing after birth (or ever, since that day, or before that day…so, just ever…)


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