Dan & Mel’s Freshwater wedding

Dan and Mel were married on a (Very) warm December day in the lovely Neutral bay, not the actual bay…although that may have helped with the humidity? Anyway, this, then pregnant photographer, felt as big as a whale and turned as red as a lobster catching all the fun of the day. And it was so much fun.

The wedding was a bit of a family affair, My movember clad husband had the honour of best man, Mel’s 2 sisters were bridesmaids and also helped put together some fun and beautiful reception decorations, Dan’s Brother in law was a groomsmen, One of Dans sisters made the fabulous wedding cake, while another sister made all spunky floral bowties for all the guys.

Both halves of the bridal party got ready at separate parts of the quaint old Neutral Bay lodge, the guys drove over to the church in Dan’s classically old Corolla while the girls were picked up by a limo for the short drive to the grand old Anglican church of St Augustine.

The ceremony was full of love and emotion, Dan lead the way as he melted like butter watching his stunning bride walking down the aisle towards him, I couldn’t help but shed a few tears myself. Dan is a guy that wears his heart on his sleeve, he even kicked up his heals in delight when exiting the church…favourite shot of the day by Trudy!

We were all relieved to head to the water for some cool ocean breeze around Freshwater. The weather was perfect, the ocean was amazing and the entire scenery was just fantastic, it was the perfect time and place for some relaxed photos while these guys enjoyed some down time together…One of those location sessions you just never want to end!

We then wandered our way over to Pilu at Freshwater for a charming evening full of delicious food, beautiful surrounds and the company of lovely people…and this preggo lobster got to finally take a seat while the ever amazing Trudy photographed the rest of the evening.


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