Weber family

Some of you may have seen a few images from this session I shot a few years ago as I did share some images on my facebook page, however, it did need to have a place on the blog. Its one of my all time favourite family sessions for a few reasons, beautiful location, lovely weather, plenty of time to play and explore, lots of expressions and happy faces, totally adorable photogenic family…etc etc…you get the gist. But mostly because I love this family, I love the fun and unique personalities of each of the kids and how they are just such a pleasure to spend time with, I love their sense of adventure, I love that they love Jesus and have given so much of their lives to honour that. I thought today would be fitting to share these images again as they have just touched down in Jakarta. The have packed up their lives into a few suitcases, sold their possessions and are about to begin their 8month bible college training before setting up life for the next few years in an Indonesian village as they serve the remote villages with supplies and medical aid through Helimission.

If you would like to support them or know more about their and their journey you can follow along here

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There is no shame in bribing er, um, rewarding well behaved and obliging kids with a special lunch treat… so they chose Maccas for lunch.

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