Lucy Newborn

To our beautiful daughter Lucy,

Welcome to our family, we are so glad that you have arrived safely into our lives and we finally got to meet you.

You are now 3 weeks old and you are a strong willed, sweet, beautiful and cute little girl. Your long eyelashes, sleepy smiles and twitches are enough to warm any heart.

We love you so much. We loved you before we even met you and fall more in love with you each and every day. Words cant express just how much we love you and all we want for you in life. We are so happy and thank God every day for blessing us with you Lucy. His purpose and His plan gave you to us and we could not be more grateful.

We pray that your future will be bright and full of happiness, love, fun and opportunities and most importantly that you will have a strong and unfailing relationship with God and that you will hold fast to His Word, Love, and Promises and that He will be your anchor in this world.

We are so amazed by how tiny and precious you are, we thank God for you every day and are so excited about all that life holds for our little family now that you are here.

We have only known you for a short while and we haven’t gotten much sleep because you have been keeping us up but we couldn’t imagine our world without you in it.

All our love forever,

Mum & Dad

I started Lucy week in the lead up to her 2nd birthday with this post about her arrival and becoming Mother.

My lovely friend Bec took a bunch of these B&W shots of Lucy, I love them.

The shots of Lucy and I are from my first mothers day only a few weeks after she was born, I was very proud to be included among all other mothers on that day.



So often the culture of newborn photography is this image of ‘perfection’, buttery soft smooth skin mostly, but if you have ever spent much time with newborn babies it couldn’t be further from reality. They are often wrinkled, blotchy, dry, flakey, pimpled, with fluff caught in their fingers, dry milk or vomit always manages to hide somewhere, the scabby remains of their umbilical cord occasionally weaping or bleeding, they manage to scratch their faces with their incredibly fast growing sharp nails that are almost impossibly to trim, they get heat rash and all other kinds of weird rashes and the colour of their hands and feet range from purple to red most of the time…you get the picture right? its not quite the picture perfect image a lot of the time but it is still all kinds of perfection.

At 8 days old Lucy’s perfect little face exploded with pimples, more than I had ever seen on a little baby, I count it as prefect and precious and beautiful and a true reflection of her at that time in her life, there was no way I could edit it away.



The story behind these last lot of shots I took of Lucy as a tiny baby is a bit funny, I had planned on making the most of some lovely warm soft sun coming in through the curtains and I really just wanted to photograph her ALL the time because I never wanted to forget a moment. However being home alone with a small baby who doesn’t settle easily and has a strong startle reflex meant she wasn’t the easiest little one to photograph.

We were heading out to a clinic appointment that morning, my first ever morning getting out of the house on my own with a tricky baby. I maybe should have just focused on that but that’s not my style haha. I fed her, she was sleepy and adorable and I decided I had to photograph her. So I awkwardly continued to weed her while setting up a basket and undressing her and preparing my equipment before finally lowering her into the basket and arranging her sweet little limbs…only to have her wake 1min later! Well that’s not funny is it? Im sure all you parents out there know that feeling…But the sun was warm and I felt good and I wouldn’t be deterred! I didn’t want to mess around getting her out of the basket to settle her as then I risk a repeat of my first attempt so I huddled on the floor, basket in my arms and attempted to feed her some more…I had to laugh, it was so awkward, I kept trying different angles that would work for both of us and eventually ended up hovering over her leaning my elbows on a cushion I managed to kick off the couch with my super flexible post pregnancy body, Ha! Ok, well I found it funny.

For all the responsible citizens out there, I did exercise some self control and eventually stopped photographing every angle of her perfect little form to get us both dressed, in the car and off to our appointment, and only a cheeky 5mins late, ok maybe 10…15 MAX…whatever, It was worth it.


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