Miss Molly

Molly is one of Lucy’s little friends, she lives across the road and is 6 weeks older than Lucy, we didn’t know each other before but her mum is now a dear friend of mine. Its been so wonderful watching Molly grow from a tiny sleep loving baby to a funny little sleep loving toddler…and gee do these kids love to play together! We did a little studio session to celebrate Molly turning 6months…it is one of my favourite ages to photograph babies…they are starting to really¬†explore their world and are so much aware and can finally start sitting up (some obviously well before others are ready)…I love the way they play with their little toes, their chubby dimpled fingers and their big grins with the high chance of a tooth or two…delight.

Molly was named after her great grandmother, who unfortunately she will never know, but its wonderful that she can carry her legacy, and wrap herself in a special made blanket made by the dearly loved woman.

This little family is expecting another little girl to join them in less than 2 weeks, my how time has flown!


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