Grace, Gracie Boo Licious, G-Boss…these are a few of the nicknames given to this adorable little girl as an infant. She is one of Lucys sweet little friends, who, not only was born the day before Lucy but happens to live just a few houses down the street! Her mum and I got to know each other soon after the girls were born, and we have all been friends ever since. Im so pleased to know that Lucy is growing up with her own crew of adorable kiddies all within metres of each other…Its been amazing watching them grow together and how different they all are…Im so excited for the childhood they are yet to experience as friends.

OK, enough about Lucy…sorry, I cant help it, she melts me like butter!! Grace is such a sweet and very clever little girl, even as a small baby she revealed her perfectionistic tendancies…not wanting to sit or cralw or walk until she knew she could nail it, and that’s exactly what happened. I imagine she’d be watching all the others fumble and fall around her thinking¬†“they are all nuts, why waste all that energy looking like a fool? im going to sit here in my comfy pillow fort and work it all out like a quiet genious…then you will all see that I AM SPARTAN!! er, I mean…I AM G-BOSS!!” Shes the perfect blend of her engineer father and perfectionist mother…and I love the whole family!

look at those rolls and dimpled chubby sausage fingers…Lucy and Grace, like chalk and cheese every step of the way haha (yep, I’m still talking about Lucy) But they love each other and will always be special friends ( they may have no choice in the matter haha)


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