Dan & Mel Maternity

Mel and I were besties in Primary school, and I thought it was awesome when I found out that we were both due with our first babies on the exact same day! She is also a naturopath and homebirth midwife who has delivered 5 of my nieces and nephews in the past 6 years (with a few more to come I’m sure). I have also had the delight of knowing Dan for many years, yes we all went to school together, doesn’t everyone meet their spouse at school? I loved photographing the two of them and capturing the genuine, gentle love of this sweet couple as they prepared to embark on the journey of their lives – parenthood.

P.S doesn’t Mel have the cutest bump?! I assure I did not look anywhere near as adorable as she did while I was jumping through the long grass all sweaty and fat with a couple of heavy cameras hanging awkwardly off me…desperately needing to pee…again!…I’m so¬†glad there were no behind the scenes shots that day haha.


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